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The project area, which is located 3 minutes away from the historical city square, which became urbanized with Spanish coloniza- tion in the 16th century, It establishes its relationship with the city by creating an alternative gastronomic square.

Approximately 500 years after the historical villa de leyva town square, creating an alternative gastronomy square, while thinking about the city square-public space, it also includes transience and local gastronomy in the project in accordance with the require- ments of the program.

The aim of the project is not to compare the gastronomy square to be created with the villa de leyva town square. Villa de Leyva town square is not a square to be explained and criticized in terms of functionality and functions. The history of the city square and the common memory of the city and society that has been formed over the centuries constitute the importance and function of this square. In the project, while creating a temporary gastronomy square, which is discussed and thought about, it is the effect of the changing sociology of society and the culture of common living to be realized after 500 years.

While the project establishes its relationship with the city in the first and most powerful way by articulating it with the idea of the square alternative and as a part of it, it establishes its attitude towards the historical street texture in structural dimension, the material used, the height and other structural elements.


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